Lettering craft 9

New lettering inspirations from around the world, that is what we try to show you in lettering craft. Made with parallel pens, ink or digital, these inspriations definitely rock your eyes. We feature only works made by the top calligraphers around the world. Enjoy them.

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Play with Type Original: http://ift.tt/1uyiwxB


Play with Type Original: http://ift.tt/1uyiwxB

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Typeverything.com - Amazing FREE print by @kevinrcantrell & @BeautyEngraving 


Last 3 days: Latinotype Pack of 9 Fabulous Font Families.

This is simple awesome, Mighty Deals have released a bundle of one of my favourites type-foundries: Latinotype. Latinotype is a type-foundrie based on Chile with a team of very talented designers, many of their fonts have been featured here on betype, like the Trend Family which was on of the best fonts of the past year (and is included in this bundle), another one is Four Seasons made it in the list of best fonts and is included in this bundle. Just the normal price of one of this font families is more expensive than the whole bundle. Now you can get 9 beautiful families for $37 (almost 90% off). Even you can take the webfont version for extra bucks.

Get it here: http://bit.ly/latinotypepack


Typostrate video wednesday 51

The magnificent today with brush Script hand lettering is presented by Ian Barnard handletterer from London. His unique designs come from time spent away from the computer, working in his sketchbooks, generating ideas and refining his drawings so that all he need to do on the computer is digitise the final pieces. Enjoy!

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Beach Calligraphy

Like the egypts had their sticks to carve in sand the first cuneiform inscriptions, Andrew van der Merwe, freelance designer and calligrapher is drawing designs into this very ephemeral medium. Over ten years of practicing and learning he has developed his own instruments and tools to do his sand lettering. Anja Wiehl documented this process in her pictures and above you can see the results.

(Fuente: writtenword.co.za)